⚠️ This is not written with an intent to accuse the Christians or The Bible, rather to expose people that “abuse” Christianity and The Bible to justify their crimes.

⚠️ Warning: Some people may find pictures in this article upsetting

The Holocaust & The Killing of the Jews

The Holocaust is responsible for the death of six million Jews. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there; a white supremacist group in America known as the Klu Klux Klan is also responsible for the lives of countless innocent Jews. This disease of hate is spread even unto the Muslim world where many Arabs and prominent Muslims show hatred towards the Jews and preach against them.

How did we get here? How can we let this happen? Where does Humanity stand when it comes to the lives of our Jewish brothers? How can this ever be justified?

They say to ignore all humanity and accept:

These people believe that the Jews deserve to die in the most horrible of ways because of how the Jewish scribes not only rejected Jesus as the Messiah but also mocked, tortured, betrayed, and finally attempted to kill him through the help of Romans. These people use this unjustified “reason” to kill six million innocent Jews. 

Would it be justified if we were to blame Christianity or the Bible for such a massacre?

Can one ever tell if they are Jews, Christians, or Muslims?
Are not these women our mothers and sisters?
Are not these children our sons & daughters?
Are not these murdered innocents human?
How ignorant can we be, regardless of our faith, race, status, country, etc.?